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Bjorn Ollner was born in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1947. He studied architecture at The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and became a registered Architect in 1975 with a special interest for free form concrete buildings.

In 1976 Bjorn came to Vancouver, Canada, to broaden his architectural abilities by working with movies and television.

Mr. Ollner specializes in conceiving ideas which include new and innovative thoughts, ideas that inspire! His strength lies in combining fun and fantasy with technical expertise.

Bjorn has worked with world expositions, trade shows, events, science centres, museums and feature films. He is a team player and a collaborator. Bjorn has a unique flair for putting magic and wonder into his work while keeping it practical, durable, safe and accessible.

Mr. Ollner's keen attention to detail and constant vigilance regarding his clients' goals have enabled him to produce projects of the highest quality. His creative vision, leadership and constant drive for perfection have contributed positively in many team work situations.


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Conceptual Design, Design and Exhibit Experiences followed by

Film and Television Experiences


"Eksploria", Theme Park, Malmö, Sweden

"Vikingaliv", Viking Attraction, Stockholm, Sweden


"Audiorama", Sound Theatre, Stockholm, Sweden

"Minigolf", Folkets Park, Malmö, Sweden

"Transportation Museum", Trafikverket , Sweden

"Minirama/Teknorama", Tekniska Museet, Stockholm, Sweden


"Captain Kid and The World of Fairy Tales", Theme Park, China/ Sweden

"Kiruna Outdoor Adventure Park", Kiruna, Sweden

"Concrete Art Show", Room 8 Gallery, Vancouver, Canada


"Sport" An Interactive Exhibit, Tekniska Museet, Stockholm Sweden..

"House of Fairy Tales", Janitor AB, Stockholm, Sweden..

"Chaos Pilots", Södertälje Centrum, Stockholm, Sweden.

"Visitor Center", Swedish Space Corporation, Kiruna, Sweden.


"The Room for Facts", Stadsmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden.

"Las Vegas Convention Center update", APA, Vancouver, Canada.

"Saudi Arabia Mall", Maple Leaf Studios, Vancouver, Canada.

"Flight Museum", Arlanda Stad, Sweden.

"An Adventure In Space", Tekniska Museet, Stockholm Sweden.


"An Adventure In Space", Tekniska Museet, Stockholm Sweden..

"Public Speech on Creativity", Kwantlen College, Vancouver, Canada.

"Stella Artois Beer Trap Le-Defi", Lowe-Tesh, Stockholm, Sweden.

"Volvo Ocean Race Event Design", Octagon Nordic, Sweden.

"Soccer Golf, Golf Course design", Siggesta Gård, Sweden.

"Kista Gateway Urban Design Development", Fabege, Sweden.


"IKEA, Winter Garden in Russia", Tema Architechts, Sweden.

"Andromeda Visitor Center", Ralph Lundsten, Stockholm, Sweden.

"Public Speech on Creativity", BCIT, Vancouver, Canada.

"Public Speeches on Creativity x 5", Sweden.

"Pakit International, Vacuum Formed Paper Pulp Designs", Norrköping, Sweden.

"Art Exhibit Axel Törneman", Stockholm, Sweden.


"Science Center", China, APA, Vancouver, Canada.

"Science Center Expansion", Glasgow, Scotland.

"Body Project", Science World, Vancouver, Canada.

"Tuborg Beer Bar, Istanbul", AGO, Stockholm, Sweden.

"Carlsberg Beer Bar, Paris", AGO, Stockholm, Sweden.


"Conrete Art", Colormaker Floors, Vancouver, Canada.

"Interactive Conference Room and Mini-Museum", Electrolux, Stockholm, Sweden.

"Storyeum", West Coast Historical Xperiences, Gastown, Vancouver, Canada.


"Storyeum", West Coast Historical Xperiences, Gastown, Vancouver, Canada.

"Visitor Center", Interactive Display for the Cruise Ship Industry.

"Vision Center", Telia Research, Stockholm, Sweden.


"The history and future of Mobile Phone Technology", The Museum of Telecommunications, Stockholm, Sweden.

"Ten year jubilee", event, Telia Research, Stockholm, Sweden.


"The history and future of mobile phone technology", The Museum of Telecommunications, Stockholm, Sweden.

"Our World, Your choice", Global Resource Exhibit, Science World, Vancouver, Canada.

"Electric Guitar Prototype", With clear acrylic fret board, including fiber optics, Vancouver, Canada.

"Motorcycle Prototype", See-through gas tank with custom coloured gasoline, Vancouver, Canada.

"The Smart Home", Wireless Communication Display, Gothenburg, Sweden.

"Jazzland", Pirate Pavilion, Theme Park, New Orleans, USA.


"Discovery World", Mountain Icon, theme park, Taiwan.

"Grossology, The impolite science of the human body", Science World, Vancouver, Canada.

"Alcanaroo", Aluminum Can Recycling Machine, ALCAN, Vancouver, Canada.

"The Urban Tree House", Interactive outdoor water park, Science World, Vancouver.

"The Chrome Pyramid", 50 meter high Millennium Installation, Stockholm, Sweden.


"The Why Files", UFO Display, Science World, Vancouver, Canada.

"Pirate Museum", Pyrate Corp, Nassau, Bahamas. (1997-1998).


"Thingamajigs", Almost useful inventions, Science World, Vancouver, Canada.

"Discovery House", Children’s Zoo Dallas, USA, APA, Vancouver, Canada.

"Backyard Monsters", Animatronics, Enlarged Bugs, Science World, Vancouver, Canada.

"Jurassic Ark Petstore", Dinosaurs as your pets, Science World, Vancouver, Canada.


"Atlas Copco", 125 year jubilee celebration and exhibit, Stockholm, Sweden.

"Science Center", Interactive Displays, Stockholm, Sweden.

"Kids Space", A center for small children, Science World, Vancouver, Canada.


"Exposition 1997 Stockholm AB", 100 year jubilee of 1897 Worlds Fair in Stockholm, Sweden.

"The Human Body", Interactive displays regarding the human body, Science World, Vancouver.

"BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, Vancouver, Canada. Phase 3 (1993-1995).


"Paleo Pursuit", Quiz game with prehistoric robotic animals. Science World, Vancouver, Canada.

"The Information Highway", An introduction to the Internet, Science World, Vancouver, Canada.


"Frigidaire Company", Homebuilder’s Association Trade Show, Las Vegas, USA.


"BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum", Vancouver, Canada. Phase 2.


"BC Week", Show Case Exhibit, Canadian Embassy, Tokyo, Japan.

"BC Sports all of Fame and Museum", Vancouver, Canada. Phase 1 (1990-1991).


"Underwater Computer Animation", Theme park, Japan.

"Handle With Care", Environmental Exhibit, Government of British Columbia, Canada.

"Fletcher Challenge", Forest Visitor Center, Campbell River, Canada.

"Vancouver Port Corporation", Interior Design, Ballantyne Pier, Vancouver, Canada.

"BC Transit", Centenniel Exhibit, Vancouver, Canada. (1989-1990).


"MacMillan Bloedel", Forest Visitor Center, Port Alberni, Canada.

"The Search Gallery", Children’s Interactive Displays, Science World, Vancouver. (1988-1989).

"The Music Gallery", Interactive Musical Displays, Science World, Vancouver. (1988-1989).

"Electrolux", Tradeshow Exhibits, Cologne and Frankfurt, Germany. (1987-1989).


"The US-Pavilion", Project Management, Expo-86, Vancouver, Canada.

"The Washington State Pavilion, Project Management, EXO-86, Vancouver, Canada.


"The Hidden Face of the Ocean", PNE, Annual Exhibit, Vancouver, Canada.


"EXPO-86", Employed Conceptual Designer, Worlds Exposition,1986, Vancouver, Canada. (1981-1984).

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Film and Television Experiences

2011 - 1986

"Sucker Punch", Feature Film, Set Designer, Vancouver Canada

"Santa Clause 2", Feature Film, Art Director, Vancouver, Canada.

"I Spy", Feature Film, Illustrator, Vancouver, Canada.

"Beer Money", MOW, Assistant Art Director, Vancouver, Canada.

"The Sixth Day", Feature Film, Assistant Art Director, Vancouver, Canada.

"Warriors of Virtue", Feature Film, Illustrator, Vancouver Canada.

"Bordello of Blood", Feature Film, Set Designer, Vancouver Canada.

"Fear", Feature Film, Set Designer, Vancouver, Canada.

"Glenorky, something in the water", Feature Film, Set Designer, Vancouver, Canada.

"The Hunted", Feature Film, Set Designer, Vancouver, Canada.

"Time Cop", Feature Film, Product Designer, Vancouver, Canada.

"Earth Star Voyager", 4 hour Television Production, Set Designer, Vancouver, Canada.

"Roxanne", Feature Film, Set Designer, Vancouver, Canada.

"Stake Out", Feature Film, Set Designer, Vancouver, Canada.

"The Grey Cup Ceremonies", Live Television coverage, Set Designer, Vancouver.

"Super Socco", Hollywood award winning TV- commercial, Set Designer, Vancouver, Canada.

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